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DAI is a digital asset-backed, ERC-20 stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar. Issued by a smart contract platform on the Ethereum blockchain, DAI is governed and maintained by the MakerDAO Foundation.

DAI Stablecoin - 2020 Comprehensive Review

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DAI Stablecoin Overview

Current Price$1.00
24H Volume$203,107,920.03
Market Cap$6,484,406,086.00
Circulating Supply6,479,382,004
Market Rank17
Collateral TypeCrypto-Backed
Base CurrencyUSD
ExchangesBitfinex, Kucoin, KyberSwap, Radar Relay, Bittrex Global, Coinbase Pro, Kraken,, IDEX, Uniswap, HitBTC, Oasis Trade
Hardware WalletsLedger, Trezor
Deposit InsuranceNo
Audit FrequencyPublic Smart Contract
Minimum Purchase1
Minimum Redemption1

DAI (DAI) Exchanges

ExchangeRatingPricePairs24hr Volume
Bittrex Global6.5/10$1.004$27,036.12
Coinbase Pro8/10$0.000$0.00
Radar Relay10/10$0.000$0.00
Oasis Trade7/10$0.000$0.00

Recommended DAI (DAI) Wallets

MetaMask8/10Browser Extension$0.00
Ledger Nano M7/10Mobile Application$96.00
TrustWallet9/10Mobile Application$0.00

DAI Borrow Rates

PlatformAPR RateCollateral LTVLoan Amounts
MakerDao8%66%$1 - $1,000,000
Compound0%50% - 75%$1 - $100,000
Celsius Network3.46% - 6.26%25% - 50%$1,500 - $1,000,000
Nuo Network2.96%50% - 70%$25 - $600,000
demo10%10%$10 - $10

DAI Interest Rates

PlatformAPY RateLockup TermsDeposit Amounts
Compound#NAME?%Flexible$1 - $100,000
Nuo Network0.00%Flexible$1 - $100,000
Celsius Network16.16%Flexible$1 - $100,000
Nexo10%Flexible$1 - $2,000,000
Crypto.com6% - 10%3 Months$25 - $1,000,000
MakerDao7.5%Flexible$1 - $1,000,000

DAI Stablecoin Alternatives

Collateral TypeCrypto-BackedFiat-BackedFiat-Backed
Audit FrequencyPublic Smart ContractMonthlyInfrequent
Deposit InsuranceNoNoNo
Incorporated CountrySwitzerlandUnited StatesBritish Virgin Islands
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Pros and Cons


  • ERC20 - DAI is easily transferable, transparent, and secure given its issuance on Ethereum blockchain. As an ERC20 DAI can be stored in personal hardware wallets where users maintain ownership over the private keys.
  • Censorship Resistant - DAI is governed by smart contracts and therefore is the only stablecoin that cannot be seized or censored by governments or regulatory agencies.
  • Transparency & Auditability - DAI is collateralized by Ethereum which is immutably verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Privacy - Transacting with DAI does not require any account creation or KYC processes. It is by far the most private stablecoin available.


  • Liquidity - DAI is only listed on a few major exchanges and does not have nearly as many trading pairs compared to centralized stablecoins such as USDT and USDC.
  • Dependent On Ethereum Collateral - DAI is collateralized by Ethereum which is a far more volatile asset than the US Dollar. Ethereum is orders of magnitude more likely to flash crash than fiat, introducing a much greater risk for DAI holders vs centralized stablecoins that are collateralized by fiat.
  • Peg Stability - DAI is exposed to greater USD price fluctuations compared to centralized stablecoins due to being collateralized by a volatile asset in Ethereum.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I buy DAI?

Can I earn interest on DAI?


DAI is the first decentralized stablecoin to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain and since its inception in 2013 has seen steady progress in both overall market cap growth and usage.

Blockfer expects DAI to maintain its growth as the MakerDAO foundation continues to focus on additional liquidity options and financial use cases for DAI.

DAI is incredibly innovative and the first of its kind in many ways. We are very excited to see how DAI continues to progress as an essential part of the blockchain finance ecosystem. Blockfer recommends DAI for privacy focused users, investors looking to earn interest, crypto loans, and traders looking to hedge against volatility.

Learn More Best Features

DAI Official Website

  • The largest decentralized stablecoin, Issued and backed by collateralized crypto loans that are fully transparent in the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Growing DEFI ecosystem where you can transact across exchanges, lending platforms, web services, games, and casinos without user registration requirements (KYC).
  • Good market liquidity with DAI/USDC on Coinbase. Allows you to trade DAI for USD with nominal trading fees.

Legal & Regulation - Facts & Figures

Legal NameMakerDAO Foundation
Incorporated CountrySwitzerland
HeadquartersSanta Cruz, CA United States
Year Founded2014
CEORune Christensen
Total Employees50-100
Regulators Not Regulated
Links Website, Crunchbase, Whitepaper, Source code, Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn

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