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Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) that launched on the Ethereum mainnet in November 2018. Users can swap, send, pool, and trade Ethereum (ETH) and 120+ listed ERC20 tokens. Uniswap does not maintain order books, as the protocol utilizes incentivized liquidity pools powered by smart contracts as a means of market making.

Uniswap Exchange 2019 Comprehensive Review

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6.5 of 10
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5 of 10
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Uniswap Exchange Overview

Trading Fees Maker: 0.3% / Taker: 0.3%
Exchange Type Decentralized
Fiat Trading No
Purchase Options Crypto Deposits
Android App No
iOS App No
Trading Options Spot Trading
Order Types Market
Exchange Token No
Token Benefits NO TOKEN
Charting Software None
KYC Check No
KYC Rules On-chain exchange and order book, No KYC required for any trade amount.
IEO Platform No
Education Resources No
Convert Micro Balance No
Institutional Accounts No
Trading API Yes
Deposit Insurance No
Withdrawal Speed Fast
Customer Service Email, Discord

Uniswap Trading Fees (Maker & Taker)

TierMonthly Volume RequirementMakerTakerMaker
Level 1$1.000.30%0.30%--

All trade request are done on-chain so a gas fee is incurred.

Uniswap Withdrawal Fees

Users participating in token swaps do not have to deposit or withdraw funds on the exchange. All trades are handled on the Ethereum blockchain by smart contracts. Therefore, the only ‘withdrawal fee’ is the gas required to move the funds from the Uniswap smart contract.

Liquidity providers will also need to pay a small gas fee for providing liquidity and removing liquidity on Uniswap.

Uniswap Markets & Volume



Total Assets


Total Markets


Volume 24h


Volume 7d


Volume 30d


Uniswap Top Markets

Crypto AssetsPricePairs24h Volume

Uniswap Supported Stablecoins

Stablecoin AssetsPricePairs24h Volume
USD CoinUSDC$0.831$143,305.59
Paxos StandardPAX$0.000$0.00
Digix GoldDGX$0.000$0.00

Uniswap Exchange Alternatives

Trading FeesMaker : 0.3%
Taker : 0.3%
Maker : 0%
Taker : 0%
Maker : 0.1%
Taker : 0.2%
Fiat TradingNoNoNo
Purchase OptionsCrypto DepositsCrypto Deposits, Credit CardsCrypto Deposits
Trading OptionsSpot TradingSpot TradingSpot Trading
IEO PlatformNoNoNo
Mobile AppsNoYesNo
HeadquartersNew York, NYSingaporePanama
Learn MoreReviewReviewReview

Pros and Cons


  • Liquidity Provider Incentives - Liquidity providers collect all fees (except gas) from Uniswap token swaps. Each liquidity provider is able to earn an amount of ETH and ERC20 tokens proportional to their percentage of total pooled funds.
  • Liquidity Provider Requirements - There is no minimum deposit required for liquidity providers, making this option easily accessible to everyone. Liquidity providers who wish to add or remove funds on Uniswap’s liquidity pool can do so at any time, only needing to pay a small gas fee.
  • Transparent Liquidity - Anyone can view Uniswap’s liquidity reserves for any listed crypto asset in real-time. This not only helps potential liquidity providers understand which assets are popular, but also enables traders to know whether or not market orders (swaps) can be 100% filled.
  • Supported Tokens - 120+ ERC20 tokens are available for trading. Uniswap also lists interest-earning crypto assets like CDAI and CUSD, which aren’t found on many crypto exchanges.
  • ERC20 to ERC20 Swaps - Uniswap enables traders to seamlessly exchange any listed ERC20 token for another with a single transaction.
  • Low Gas Fees - Uniswap has the lowest transaction based gas costs of any DEX.
  • Trade & Send Feature - Generally, DEXs use smart contracts that can only send traded funds back to the same wallet. The ‘Send’ function on Uniswap enables traders to exchange assets and send to another wallet in a single transaction.


  • High Trading Fees - A 0.3% maker and taker fee is considerably higher than any other DEXs charge.
  • No Chart Interface - Uniswap’s exchange interface is basic and listed crypto assets do not have individual price charts. Advanced charting will need to be done with an external service like TradingView.
  • Liquidity Ratios - Uniswap requires liquidity providers to deposit ETH and an ERC20 token at a 1:1 ratio. When a provider removes liquidity, the ratio could become one-sided depending on market demand from traders.
  • Ethereum Blockchain Assets Only - Uniswap does not currently support crypto assets that are not native to the Ethereum blockchain.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the expected ROI for liquidity providers?

Is Uniswap actually decentralized?

Is Uniswap the only DEX that uses liquidity providers?

Does Uniswap have a mobile app?


Uniswap has had immediate success since launching in Q4 2018. Their unique approach to liquidity in the decentralized exchange markets has captured the attention of traders and investors looking to earn an ROI on their crypto assets.

Recent increases in transaction volume indicate that Uniswap is building momentum and starting to challenge Ethereum-based DEX competitors such as IDEX and EtherDelta for relevant market dominance.

Overall, Blockfer recommends Uniswap for both privacy focused users seeking an efficient decentralized trading experience and DeFi (decentralized finance) savvy investors looking to earn an ROI on their crypto assets as liquidity providers.

Learn More Best Features

Uniswap Official Website

  • The most decentralized, non-custodial exchange in the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Allows you to become a liquidity provider on any pair and earn the shared trading fees.
  • Great liquidity on ETH/DAI amd ETH/USDC markets.

Legal & Regulation - Facts & Figures

Legal Name Universal Navigation Inc.
Incorporated Country Delaware, United States
Headquarters New York, NY
Year Founded 2018
CEO Hayden Adams
Total Employees 1-10
Regulators No Regulators
Links Website, Whitepaper, Source code, Twitter, Blog

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