Find out which exchange is right for you with our comprehensive Coinbase Pro vs comparison. Below we closely examine available purchase & deposit methods, trading options, fees, mobile experience, trust, and much more.

Note: We recommend that our US based audience view our Coinbase Pro vs Binance.US comparison. discontinued US resident accounts in Q3 of 2019. Binance.US is now the fully regulated and licensed option for Americans.

Key Comparison Highlights

Coinbase ProBinance
Overall Score8/108.5/10
US Customers AcceptedYesYes
Fiat DepositsNoYes
Mobile App TradingYesNo
Margin TradingNoYes

The Facts: Coinbase Pro vs

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro, formerly known as Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX), became operational in 2016 when Coinbase decided to phase out GDAX in an initiative to offer a superior exchange product to its user base. Upgraded features were added to attract professional traders and institutional clients.

From a regulatory compliance standpoint, Coinbase is currently the gold standard in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. The company is fully licensed and regulated, has been operating since 2012, and has not suffered any significant security compromises or breaches launched in 2017 and quickly became the largest cryptocurrency exchange by legitimate trading volume in less than a year. The company took full advantage of the $15M USD raised via their ICO and issued their native exchange token, BNB, to investors in the process. Originally only supporting crypto-to-crypto trading, has continuously evolved by introducing new options and features including fiat trading pairs, margin trading, futures trading, and IEOs.

Features Comparison

Coinbase ProBinance
Trading FeesMaker: 0.15% / Taker: 0.25%Maker: 0.1% / Taker: 0.1%
Exchange TypeCentralizedCentralized
Fiat DepositsUS Dollars, Euro, Pound sterlingEuro, Lira, Naira, Ruble, South African Rand
Purchase OptionsBank Transfer, Crypto Deposits, Credit CardsCrypto Deposits, Credit Cards
Android AppYesYes
iOS AppYesYes
Trading OptionsSpot Trading, Margin TradingSpot Trading, Margin Trading, Margin Funding, Futures Trading
Order TypesLimit, Market, Limit-StopLimit, Market, Limit-Stop
Exchange TokenNoNo
Token BenefitsNO TOKENTrading Fee Discounts, IEO Access.
Charting SoftwareCustomTradingView
KYC CheckYesYes
KYC RulesRequired For All AccountsRequired For Withdrawals Greater Than 2 BTC Value Per 24 Hours
IEO PlatformNoYes
Education ResourcesYesYes
Convert Micro BalanceNoYes
Institutional AccountsYesYes
Trading APIYesYes
Deposit InsuranceYesNo
Withdrawal SpeedFastFast
Customer ServiceEmail, PhoneSupport Ticket System

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Overall User Experience

As with all online services, some are easier to use than others. The good news is both Coinbase Pro and offer above average user experiences. Factors we took into account below include the account creation process, ease of deposits and withdrawals, trading experience, customer support, and more.

Coinbase Pro

  • Simple and streamlined account creation process.
  • Education resources and tutorials are readily available.
  • Purchase crypto assets via credit card supported.
  • Fiat deposits and withdrawals via direct bank transfer and wire are supported in many countries and regions.
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Customer support is ticket system only. This results in longer response times for inquiries.
  • Very high trading fees.
  • Limited trading options - only spot trading is currently supported.
  • Fewer than 25 crypto asset markets are available.

  • Simple and streamlined account creation process.
  • Trading interface is easy to follow and understand.
  • Education resources and tutorials are readily available.
  • Purchase crypto assets via credit card supported.
  • Optimized for mobile
  • 24/7 live chat support is available to help all users with any inquiry.
  • Fiat deposits and withdrawals are only available via third party payment processors. This may result in additional fees.

Purchase & Deposit Options

Very few cryptocurrency exchanges offer the fiat deposit and withdrawal options that are available on Coinbase Pro. If you’re a beginning investor looking to purchase crypto assets for the first time, pay close attention to the section below.

Coinbase Pro

  • Supports fiat deposits and withdrawals for USD, EUR, and GBP.
  • Users have the ability to link their Coinbase accounts directly to their bank accounts.
  • Users can purchase crypto assets with their credit or debit card.
  • US residents in most states can deposit or withdrawal USD via ACH bank transfer or bank wire. These transactions do not require a minimum deposit or withdrawal amount.
  • SEPA bank transfers for EUR deposits and withdrawals are supported for European countries. These transactions do not require a minimum deposit or withdrawal amount.
  • Minimum deposit of £1000 for UK residents when using SWIFT bank transfers.
  • Minimum withdrawal of £500 for UK residents when using SWIFT bank transfers.

  • Users can purchase crypto assets with their credit or debit card.
  • With the exception of DAI, supports deposits for all major stablecoins.
  • USD, EUR, and GBP fiat deposits are not supported.
  • Users cannot directly link their bank accounts for deposits and withdrawals.
Winner: Coinbase Pro

Trading Fees

Our Coinbase Pro vs trading fees comparison ends with a landslide victory for Simply put: trading fees for retail focused traders on Coinbase Pro are the highest in the industry. is the better option for both retail and institutional level traders.

Coinbase Pro

  • Trading fee structure favors high volume traders over retail traders. Fees for users that do not exceed $10,000 in trading volume within a 30 day period are 0.5% for both maker and taker. This is far higher than the industry average.

  • 0.1% maker and taker retail trading fees are the best in the industry amongst high volume cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • High networth traders, market makers, arbitrage focused traders, and more all benefit from the reduced trading fees that offers it’s high volume customers.
  • Requires a native exchange token (BNB) in order to access reduced trading fees. Maker and taker fees are 0.075% respectively when using (BNB) to pay for trading fees.

Trading Options

Available trading options and crypto asset liquidity are significant factors for intermediate and advanced level users. Access to margin trading, advanced order options, fiat trading pairs, and more can make all the difference.

Coinbase Pro

  • Only spot trading is currently available as a trading option on Coinbase Pro. Coinbase CEO Brain Armstrong has publicly stated that margin trading has been considered, however this has yet to become available to users.
  • USD, EUR, and GBP fiat trading pairs are all available.
  • Only 20 crypto assets are currently listed.

  • 580+ available crypto asset trading pairs
  • With the exception of DAI, every major stablecoin by market cap is listed with multiple trading pairs.
  • Margin trading has been available on since July 2019. Users can trade with up to 5x leverage on 30+ crypto asset trading pairs.
  • Futures contract trading with up to 125x maximum leverage is available via Binance Futures.
  • Popular fiat trading pairs such as USD, EUR, and GBP are currently not supported


Choosing a centralized cryptocurrency exchange requires a significant amount of trust. The exchange will be responsible for securing your crypto assets while they are held in your account. Below we review security history, regulatory standings, and more for both exchanges.

Coinbase Pro

  • Customer fiat account balances are insured.
  • No history of security issues or large scale customer account breaches.
  • Fully regulated and licensed to operate in every jurisdiction where their services are available.
  • Very strong institutional support and venture capital investment backing.

  • Continues to expand operations globally and undoubtedly has the revenue to support operations for the foreseeable future.
  • While users were always compensated for lost funds, security breaches have occurred in the past.
  • Does not support direct bank deposits and withdrawals, suggesting that most governments have not recognized the exchange as a regulated and licensed entity.
  • Allegations have surfaced regarding questionable listing ethics
  • has faced regulatory scrutiny from several countries over the past few years.
Winner: Coinbase Pro

Mobile App Features & Experience

Top cryptocurrency exchanges put forth considerable efforts to ensure that their mobile trading experiences are as smooth as possible for customers. Below we navigate app store reviews, available features, customer support, and more to find out which exchange wins out in the mobile user experience category.

Coinbase ProBinance
Price AlertsYesYes
Margin TradingNoYes
Margin FundingNoYes
Live Chat SupportYesYes

Coinbase Pro

  • iOS app maintains a 4.5 / 5 star rating with a considerable amount of reviews.
  • Currently no mobile app for Android available.
  • Mobile app does not support fiat deposits or withdrawals.
  • Users have complained that the iOS app excludes key trading features, such as modifying any open orders or placing new stop limit orders.

  • iOS app maintains a 4.8 / 5 rating with a considerable amount of reviews.
  • Android app maintains a 4.5 / 5 rating with a considerable amount of reviews.
  • Mobile apps include the majority of trading features available on the web based exchange including margin trading, futures trading, deposits and withdrawals, and lending.
  • Users have reported that software bugs can cause certain features to temporarily stop working.
  • Users have reported that the Android app can have noticeable lag times.

Who Should Use Coinbase Pro? Who Should Use

This depends on a few factors - mainly the user’s country of citizenship or residence and desired trading options. Below we take a look at which exchange is best depending on user experience levels, trading intentions, country of citizenship, and more.

Coinbase Official Website

  • Americans
  • Individuals looking to purchase cryptocurrency for the first time
  • Users seeking an exchange that supports fiat trading, deposits, and withdrawals.
  • Users looking to transact directly through their bank accounts.
  • Inexperienced investors that are focused on a buy and hold strategy.

Binance Official Website

  • High volume traders that benefit from lower trading fees.
  • Altcoin focused traders.
  • Investors seeking to earn interest on their crypto assets.
  • Intermediate to advanced level traders looking for additional trading options including advanced order types, margin trading, and futures trading.

Comparison Conclusion

Coinbase Pro and are two of the most successful cryptocurrency exchanges for a reason. As seen in the section directly above, declaring one exchange better than the other is simply a result of the factors that the user considers most important.

If you’re an American or are looking to purchase crypto assets with fiat currency, than Coinbase Pro is more than likely your best choice. If you’re an intermediate to advanced trader that already owns cryptocurrency, than you’ll find’s trading fees, trading options, liquidity, and market selection to be the reason to choose over Coinbase Pro.

Note: We recommend that our US based audience view our Coinbase Pro vs Binance.US comparison. discontinued US resident accounts in Q3 of 2019. Binance.US is now the fully regulated and licensed option for Americans.

Coinbase Pro and Alternatives

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