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USDC Rewards is a crypto asset interest account offered by Coinbase. This product enables existing Coinbase users to automatically earn interest on their USD Coin (USDC) holdings. Participation is currently limited to residents of the United States.

Coinbase Rewards Interest Account - 2020 Comprehensive Review

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Coinbase Rewards Interest Account Overview

APY Rates0.15%
Interest Earning AssetsUSDC
Rate VariabilityFixed
Earn Interest onStablecoin
Deposit Amounts$1 - $1,000,000
Payout FrequencyDaily
Lockup TermsFlexible
Compound InterestYes
Network TokenNo
Token BenefitNo Network Token
Platform TypeCentralized Lender
Deposit InsuranceNo
Credit checkNo
KYC CheckYes
Platform FeesNo Fees
Supported RegionsUS
Excluded RegionsOnly US supported.

Coinbase Rewards Interest Rates (APY)

Coinbase users can automatically earn interest on USDC holdings without having to move their funds into a separate wallet or platform. Users can track calculated interest earnings in real time, but accrued interest is only distributed to Coinbase accounts on a monthly basis.

Earn OnAPY Rate
USD CoinUSDC0.15%

Coinbase Rewards Interest Account Alternatives

Best Stablecoin APY RateUSDC 0.15%GUSD 8.6%DAI 16.16%
Locked TermsFlexibleFlexibleFlexible
Payout FrequencyDailyMonthlyWeekly
Compound InterestYesYesNo
Deposit InsuranceNoNoNo
KYC CheckYesYesYes
Credit CheckNoNoNo
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Pros and Cons


  • No Deposit Limit - Coinbase users can earn rewards on any amount of USDC that they deposit. The only requirement is that users need to hold at least $1 of USDC in their Coinbase account.
  • Free USD Conversions - Coinbase does not charge any fees for exchanges between USD and USDC.
  • Trustworthy Company - Coinbase is one of the most trusted companies in the industry. Users can be confident that their USDC holdings are safe and secure.
  • Beginner Friendly - The Coinbase user experience is well suited for beginners.


  • No Deposit Insurance - USDC wallets are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Coinbase’s crypto asset insurance policy only covers the exchange’s hot wallets, which account for 2% of all user funds.
  • Regional Restrictions - Coinbase currently only allows United States residents to earn interest on USDC rewards.
  • Crypto Asset Support - Coinbase currently only supports earning interest for USDC. All other crypto asset interest platforms enable users to earn interest on multiple crypto assets.
  • Low APY - 1.25% APY is a much lower offering than the industry average. This rate is comparable to traditional savings accounts offered by online banks.
  • Privacy - Coinbase requires a KYC check for users who wish to earn interest through USDC Rewards.

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Coinbase is widely regarded as the most trusted company in the industry and the world’s leading compliant crypto asset platform. USDC Rewards provides Coinbase users with a secure and easy way to earn interest on their USDC holdings.

The Benefits:

No Deposit Limits - Coinbase allows all eligible users to deposit and earn interest on all USDC holdings over $1.

Zero-Fee Conversions - Users can complete instant zero-fee trades between USD and USDC.

Trustworthy Company - Coinbase uses industry-leading security practices to keep customer funds safe. The company is also known for complying with numerous financial services and consumer protection laws.

Beginner Friendly - Coinbase users can earn interest automatically on USDC holdings. There is no need to move funds to a separate interest wallet, which streamlines the user experience.

The Drawbacks:

Supported Crypto Assets - Coinbase currently only supports interest earning for USDC Coin (USDC).

Low APY - Users can only earn 1.25% APY, which is even lower than the rate that most online banks offer.

No Deposit Insurance - USDC wallets are not covered by any insurance policies.

Regional Availability - Coinbase offers crypto asset trading accounts to users in 100+ countries, yet USDC Rewards is only available to United States residents.

Due to the below average interest rates offered by USDC Rewards, Blockfer currently recommends that users consider other crypto asset interest platforms such as BlockFi, Celsius, and Nexo.

Learn More Best Features

Coinbase Rewards Official Website

  • Available to US Residents.
  • Automatically Earn Interest on All USDC Holdings of $1 Or More.
  • Free Conversions to and from Fiat (USD).

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