Best For: Existing Coinbase Users

Coinbase Card is a crypto debit card that enables cardholders to directly spend their crypto assets on everyday purchases wherever Visa is accepted. The card currently supports 9 popular crypto assets and is available in most European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Note: Coinbase Card is currently not available in the US.

Pros and Cons


  • Efficient - The Coinbase Card enables users to spend crypto assets from their existing Coinbase wallet. It supports contactless payments, enabling cardholders to tap their cards against a POS machine at physical stores rather than swiping or inserting a chip when making a payment.
  • Legitimacy - Coinbase is the first cryptocurrency exchange to become a Visa principal member. The company expects that this status will lead to additional features, services, and cardholder availability in more countries.


  • Exchange Fees - A 2.49% crypto liquidation fee will be charged whenever cardholders make an online or in-store purchase with their crypto assets. This fee is steep in comparison to other card issuers.
  • Limited Availability - Cardholder eligibility is currently limited to EEA residents.
  • No Cash Balance Support - The Coinbase Card does not support the spending of fiat balances in your account. Cardholders are required to use their crypto asset balances, which includes the 2.49% liquidation fee.

Coinbase Card Overview

Card Network Visa
Supported Currency EUR, GBP
Issuing Exchange Coinbase Pro
Virtual Card Support No
Available in US No
Available Regions UK & EEA
Card Delivery 5-7 business days
Crypto-to-Fiat Fees 2.49%
Top Up Stablecoins DAI
Top Up Methods Crypto Deposit, Direct Deposit, ACH Credit, SWIFT, SEPA
NFC Support Yes
Mobile Wallets Google Pay
KYC Check Yes
Credit Check No
Issuing Bank Paysafe Financial Services Limited
Benefits & Rewards No Rewards

Benefits & Rewards

The Coinbase Card does not currently offer cardholder benefits or rewards.

Coinbase Card Notable Fees and Limits

Physical Card Issuance


Virtual Card Issuance


Domestic ATM


International ATM


Domestic Transactions


Intra-EEA Transactions


International Transactions


Card Replacement


Chargeback Processing


Monthly Maintenance




ACH Decline


ACH Payments


Coinbase Card Spending Limits

Daily Spending


Monthly Spending


Yearly Spending


Daily ATM


Card Balance

No Limit

Daily Top Up

No Limit

How to Get the Card

In order to qualify for a Coinbase Card, existing Coinbase exchange users must request a card through the Coinbase Card mobile app.

The card application process works as follows:

  1. Cardholders use their existing Coinbase exchange account credentials to log in and sign up for a card.
  2. The same KYC registration requirements for a Coinbase exchange account apply to cardholders. Users who pass the initial Coinbase exchange account identity verification process shouldn’t have a problem applying for a Coinbase Card.
  3. Coinbase charges a physical card issuance fee of £4.95 or €4.95. This fee is paid using the crypto asset balance in your linked Coinbase exchange account. Cardholder applicants can pay with BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, BAT, REP, ZRX, or XLM. Fiat currency is not supported for card issuance fee payments.
  4. According to Coinbase, cards are mailed out every afternoon, Monday through Friday.
  5. Applicants who sign up for a Coinbase Card should receive their card in the mail within 5 to 7 business days.

Mobile App Experience

Mobile Management


Change Pin


Security Lock




Google Pay


Apple Pay


Samsung Pay


The Coinbase Card mobile app is used for card registration, card activation, and fund deposits.

Here are a few key details about the mobile app:

Card Activation

Once a cardholder receives their card in the mail, they can easily use the Coinbase Card mobile app to activate the card. In the package, cardholders will find the physical card, along with a letter that includes the card’s activation code.

Cards can also be activated via phone. To find a local support number, go to the mobile app and tap ‘Card Settings’ > ‘Call Support’. Be sure to have your activation code ready when calling.

Adding Fiat & Crypto Assets

The Coinbase Card is linked to the existing balance of your Coinbase exchange account. The card does not currently support direct fiat currency deposits or spending, but fiat can be used to purchase crypto assets via your Coinbase exchange account.

The available crypto balances are BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, BAT, REP, ZRX, XLM, and the recently-added DAI stablecoin.

Coinbase enables you to deposit crypto assets, which can then be spent with the debit card.

Accepted fiat currency deposit methods vary for each country. Most users from supported regions can deposit via PayPal, 3-D Secure, debit card, or credit card. From there, users must convert fiat currency to a crypto asset supported by Coinbase Card.

Withdrawing Crypto Assets

Mobile app users can withdraw crypto assets to external wallets by paying standard blockchain transaction fees. The average cost of BTC withdrawals, for example, is around $0.10. In order to initiate a crypto withdrawal, Coinbase typically requires users to complete identity verification first. Specific account limits based on verification status can be found on the Account Levels page.

How to Use the Card

Using Coinbase Card for purchases is comparable to using traditional debit cards, with only a few slight differences.

  1. Cardholder deposits or purchases crypto assets on their Coinbase exchange account.
  2. Cardholder links their Coinbase exchange account to their Coinbase Card account.
  3. Cardholder directly spends crypto assets online or in-store at any Visa-approved merchant.
  4. Visa verifies that there are sufficient funds available to complete the cardholder’s transaction.
  5. Coinbase converts crypto assets to fiat currency on behalf of the cardholder.
  6. The merchant receives payment in their local fiat currency, regardless of which crypto asset has been selected.

Coinbase Card Alternatives

Supported CurrencyEUR, GBPUSDEUR, GBP
Physical Card Issuance Fee$4.95$10.00Free
Domestic ATM Fee1%$2.50$1.75
Crypto-to-Fiat Fees2.49%1%1%
International Transaction Fee3%3%3%
Mobile WalletsGoogle PayGoogle Pay, Apple Pay
Available RegionsUK & EEAU.SUK, EEA, APAC, AF, NA, & SA
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Conclusion: Is Coinbase Card Worth It?

Coinbase is undoubtedly one of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. With this worldwide name recognition, one would expect the Coinbase Card to be a high-quality option.

High transaction fees and low ATM withdrawal limits are the main drawbacks to this crypto debit card. Many customers have complained that the mobile app user experience is also lacking, especially when compared to the main Coinbase exchange app.

Due to becoming a Visa principal member in February 2020, Coinbase may be able to offer additional services and market expansion. Coinbase may issue Visa cards directly to consumers, rather than relying on third party banks. This could eventually result in the removal of extremely high additional fees. That being said, Coinbase decided to work with a third party bank, MetaBank®, N.A., for the initial issuance of Coinbase Card in the US market.

Although the card’s fee structure initially made it an unappealing product, the introduction of cashback rewards in October 2020 helps offset high fees. This added benefit, along with the company’s reputation in the crypto space, could become a catalyst for the mainstream adoption of Coinbase Card.

Company Facts

Legal Name Coinbase, Inc.
Incorporated Country United States
Headquarters San Francisco, CA United States
Year Founded 2012
CEO Brian Armstrong
Total Employees 500+
Regulators Money Services Business with FinCEN
Links Website, Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn, Crunchbase
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