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Pei is a mobile app that enables shoppers to earn rewards paid in Bitcoin (BTC) or USD at partner merchant websites and/or physical stores. Currently, Pei's rewards are limited to United States residents.

Pei Bitcoin Rewards - 2020 Comprehensive Review

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Pei Bitcoin Rewards Overview

Reward Currnecy BTC, USD
Reward Application Type Card Rebates
Top Merchants Starbucks, Uber, Lyft, Nordstrom, H&M, Chipotle
US Customers Yes
Reward Lock-In Immediate Distribution
Minimum Payout $25
Supported Browsers & Devices iOS, Android
Mobile App Yes
Merchants Supported 1,000+
Shopping Options Online, In-Store
Available Regions US
Referral System Yes
Promotions ‘Cashback Boost’ Feature, ‘Party Cash’ Feature, User Referral Program, Merchant Referral Program

How Does Pei Work?

Pei partners with popular merchants, allowing users to earn Bitcoin (BTC) rewards by making purchases at a participating merchant’s website or physical store.

The rewards process works as follows:

  1. Download the Pei mobile app for iOS or Android.
  2. Sign up for a Pei account through Pei's mobile app or website.
  3. Through the mobile app, link an existing debit/credit card to your account.
  4. By turning on location services, you will gain access to a list of local participating merchants that will allow you to earn rewards for in-store purchases. The Pei mobile app also features a list of merchants that enable you to earn rewards for online purchases.
  5. Make a qualifying purchase by using your linked debit/credit card as you normally would. There is no need to use the mobile app during the purchase process.
  6. Unlike other Bitcoin rewards programs, Pei uses a points system to keep track of your Bitcoin rewards. After each qualifying purchase, your pending points will be displayed under ‘Points Earned’ on the app home screen. If your points do not immediately appear, you can click on ‘Points Earned’ to toggle between ‘Points Pending’ and your current points.
  7. Eligible transactions may take up to 7 days to move from ‘Points Pending’ to ‘Points Earned’. This is dependent upon two factors: the bank linked to your card and the time it takes for Pei to receive the posted transaction.

Withdrawing Rewards From Pei

Pei has a $25 minimum withdrawal requirement for both USD and Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals.

There are three options for withdrawing your accumulated rewards:

  1. Purchase a gift card that can be used at a specific merchant’s website or physical store location.
  2. Withdraw USD to your PayPal account.
  3. Withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) to an external Bitcoin wallet.

After your initial withdrawal request, all three payout methods may take up to two hours to complete. Pei tries to process Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals in batches to avoid the high miner fees associated with every transaction on the Bitcoin network. In rare cases where Pei is unable to process Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals in batches, the miner fees may be deducted from your total withdrawal amount.

Pei Benefits & Rewards

Rewards rates are determined by each partner merchant and can vary greatly.

Most popular, name-brand merchants offer rewards rates between 1% and 3% on qualifying purchases. Local shops and restaurants may offer higher rates between 5% to 8%. Currently, the highest reward rate offered by any online merchant is 18%.

Pei does not currently provide users with a full, comprehensive list of supported merchants and rewards rates on the mobile app or website. Additionally, the app does not allow users to view rewards offered by merchants outside of their location.

It’s important to note that Pei's eligibility is limited to residents of the United States. Merchants commonly place daily or weekly limits on the amount of rewards you can earn for qualifying purchases. For example, Marc Jacobs Online has a daily rewards limit of $5.

Referrals & Special Promotions

The Pei mobile app has two special promotion features: ‘Party Cash’ and ‘Cashback Boost’.

‘Party Cash’ allows you to earn an additional 1% rewards when you and at least one other friend make separate purchases at the same partner merchant location within 60 minutes of one another. This reward will stack on top of other existing rewards. For example, shopping at Starbucks will net each user a total of 2% rewards (1% ordinary rewards plus the 1% ‘Party Cash’ bonus).

‘Cashback Boost’ is available to Pei users who have accumulated 20 or more boost points. Once activated, you can earn 1% rewards on purchases at any retailer—including non-partner merchants—for a period of 48 hours. There are five in-app actions required to qualify for ‘Cashback Boost’:

  1. Link a new card to Pei. (1 point)
  2. Invite a friend to Pei and have them link their debit/credit card to their account. (2 points)
  3. Choose a gift card option when redeeming points. (1 point)
  4. Get a 5x loyalty bonus by shopping at a merchant on 5 separate occasions. (1 point)
  5. Shop at one of Pei's preferred merchants. A full list of preferred merchants can be found under ‘Categories’ on the mobile app. (2 points)

If a friend signs up for the Pei mobile app using your referral link and makes a qualifying purchase, both of you will earn a rewards bonus.The referral amount varies from $2.50 to $15 depending on the signup date.

For partner merchant referrals, referrers can earn $100, plus 10% of their revenue over a 12-month period.

Note: The total referral rewards amount is capped at $500 for each merchant signup.

Top Merchants Rewards Rates

MerchantBitcoin RewardsReward DetailsAvailable Countries
Uber1%Get 1% back on all RidesUS
Target1%Get 1% back on all PurchasesUS
H&M1.2%Get 1.2% Back on all PurchasesUS

*Only includes Uber rideshare. Uber Cash, Uber Eats, and Uber Jump are all excluded from earning Bitcoin reward

Fees / Details

Rewards Withdrawal


Minimum Withdrawal


Bitcoin Withdrawal Fee

No Fee

USD Withdrawal Fee

No Fee

Pei Alternatives

Best Fashion RewardsH&M 1.2%Macy's 8%Nike 6%, Macy's 5%
Best Travel RewardsUber 6%Airbnb 1%
Best Shopping RewardsTarget 1%Amazon 4%Overstock 4%
Reward Program TypeCard RebatesGift CardsGift Cards
Reward Lock PeriodImmediate DistributionImmediate DistributionImmediate Distribution
Mobile AppYesYesYes
Learn MoreReviewReviewReview

Pros and Cons


  • Partner Merchants - Pei has partnerships with both name-brand and local merchants across several major retail categories.
  • Rewards Opportunities - Users can earn additional rewards on purchases through the ‘Cashback Boost’ and ‘Party Cash’ features.
  • Merchant Referral Program - Users who refer partner merchants are eligible to earn significant rewards.
  • Fast Withdrawals - Pei typically processes both USD and Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals within two hours after each user’s withdrawal request.


  • Regional Availability - Pei is currently only available to residents of the United States.
  • Poor Rewards Rates - Pei's rewards rates are significantly lower than those offered by similar rewards programs like Lolli and the Fold App.
  • Reward Limits - The majority of Pei’s partner merchants place daily or weekly rewards limits on qualifying purchases.
  • High Withdrawal Minimum - Pei requires a $25 minimum per withdrawal request, a requirement that is substantially higher than similar rewards programs.
  • Points System - Pei uses a points system rather than directly distributing rewards per each purchase, adding an unnecessary layer of complexity to the user experience.
  • Errors Retrieving Rewards - Some users have reported that they were unable to accumulate points on qualifying purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pei available to residents of the United States?

How long do I have to wait before receiving my rewards?

Does Pei offer an affiliate program or referral system?

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount for each rewards payout?

Does Pei charge reward withdrawal fees?

Terms To Know

Partner Merchant

A merchant who agrees to offer rewards to customers who make purchases using the Pei mobile app.


A system that tracks qualifying purchases made at a partner merchant's physical store or website. Pei users can redeem points for USD or Bitcoin (BTC) rewards.

Cashback Boost

A special promotion for Pei users who have accumulated 20 or more boost points. Cashback Boost enables users to earn rewards on purchases at any retailer—including non-partner merchants— for a period of 48 hours.

Party Cash

A special promotion that allows two or more Pei users to earn additional rewards. 'Party Cash' is applied when users make separate purchases at the same merchant location within 60 minutes of one another.

Miner Fee

A small network transaction fee that users are required to pay each time Bitcoin (BTC) is sent from one wallet to another. When withdrawing Bitcoin from Pei, users are sometimes charged a miner fee.

Conclusion: Is Pei Worth It?

Yes. While the rewards rates don't quite match what Lolli and Fold App offer, Pei exclusively supports dozens of popular retailers that customers are likely to use on a daily basis.

The Benefits:

  • Merchant Partnerships - Earn Bitcoin (BTC) rewards by shopping at Pei’s variety of partnered name-brand and local retailers.
  • Special Promotions - The ‘Cashback Boost’ and ‘Party Cash’ features enable users to occasionally earn additional rewards on daily purchases.
  • Merchant Referrals - By referring a new partner merchant, Pei enables users to earn up to $500 in rewards.
  • Fast Withdrawals - Pei typically processes withdrawal requests in two hours or less.

The Drawbacks:

  • US Only - Pei currently only allows US residents to earn Bitcoin (BTC) rewards on qualifying purchases.
  • Reward Percentage - Most popular merchants only offer between 1% and 3% rewards, which is significantly less than the rates offered by similar rewards programs.
  • Maximum Rewards - Pei places a limit on the rewards each user can earn per day or per week for qualifying purchases.
  • Balance Required for Withdrawals - Users must have at least $25 in earned rewards available in their Pei accounts before a withdrawal request can be initiated.
  • Rewards Distribution - Pei uses a points system for determining user rewards, which is more complicated than directly distributing Bitcoin (BTC) for qualifying purchases.
  • Purchase Errors - Users have reported that occasionally, Pei's app does not recognize qualifying purchases, meaning that they are unable to earn points.

Pei has partnered with both large, name-brand retailers and local 'mom-and-pop' stores, providing users with an appealing rewards program that seamlessly applies to their daily purchases.

Due to the program's quick reward payouts, valuable promotions, variety of supported merchants, and beginner-friendly user experience, Blockfer currently recommends that shoppers consider earning rewards through Pei.

Company Facts

Legal Name Pei Technology, Inc.
Incorporated Country United States
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Year Founded 2017
CEO Tom Bachar
Total Employees 10-25
Regulators FTC Consumer Protection
Links Website, Twitter, Blog
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