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Lolli is a Google Chrome browser extension that enables users to earn USD or BTC rewards by completing purchases on partner merchant websites. Lolli’s rewards program is currently only available to United States residents.

Lolli Bitcoin Rewards - Comprehensive 2020 Review

Overall Score:

Ease of Use:
8 of 10
8 of 10
Device Support:
6 of 10
Available Merchants:
9 of 10
Global Availability:
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10 of 10

Lolli Bitcoin Rewards Overview

Reward Currnecy BTC, USD
Reward Application Type Online Rebates
Top Merchants Expedia, Microsoft, Best Buy, Nike, Safeway
US Customers Yes
Reward Lock-In 30-90 days
Minimum Payout $15
Supported Browsers & Devices Browser Extension
Mobile App No
Merchants Supported 750+
Shopping Options Online
Available Regions US, Limited CA
Referral System Yes
Promotions Bitcoin Giveaways, Referral Program

How Does Lolli Work?

  1. Open Google Chrome and download the Lolli browser extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Create a Lolli account through the browser extension. You can register using your email address or by connecting an existing Facebook account.
  3. Go to to find a full list of participating merchants.
  4. Find a merchant that appeals to you and click “Shop”.
  5. Lolli will activate Bitcoin rewards for that specific merchant. Your web browser will redirect to the merchant’s website.
  6. Make a purchase on the merchant website as you normally would.
  7. Lolli will add an estimated Bitcoin (BTC) reward to your Lolli wallet, which can be accessed within the browser extension or by visiting This estimated balance will fluctuate according to the real-time value of Bitcoin (BTC) until you actually receive the reward payout.
  8. Each merchant has a reward locking period, which typically lasts 30-90 days. After this period ends, the reward payout is sent to your Lolli wallet.

Withdrawing Rewards from Your Lolli Wallet

You may withdraw funds from your Lolli wallet in two ways:

  1. Withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) directly to an external Bitcoin wallet.
  2. Convert Bitcoin (BTC) to USD and transfer the funds to your bank account.

You must accumulate a balance equivalent to $15 before Lolli allows you to withdraw funds. Note: Lolli charges a $0.25 fee per USD withdrawal. If you choose to withdraw in Bitcoin (BTC), there is no withdrawal fee, but you will have to pay the standard miner fee that applies to all transactions on the Bitcoin network.

Lolli User Experience

Lolli is only available as a Google Chrome browser extension. If you make a purchase using another browser extension or a mobile device, you will not be eligible to earn Bitcoin rewards.

The Lolli browser extension is not unlike any other Google Chrome browser extension. In order to receive rewards, be sure to use Lolli’s rewards activation links to make purchases, which function similarly to standard referral links. Only a few featured merchant links are listed within the browser extension. To find a full list of participating merchants, navigate to

In order to confirm that Bitcoin rewards have been activated for a particular merchant website, look at the Lolli browser extension icon on the browser tab. For non-eligible merchant websites or sites for which you have yet to activate Bitcoin rewards, the Lolli icon color will be purple.

Once you have activated Bitcoin rewards for an eligible merchant website, the icon color will change from purple to green.

Lolli Benefits & Rewards

Rewards rates are determined by each partner merchant and can vary greatly.

Rates for less popular merchants can range from between 0.5% to 36%, but you’ll find that the more mainstream merchants will usually pay between X%-Y%. Lolli also partners with some direct-to-consumer brands, allowing you to earn 10% to 30% in rewards for purchasing their recurring services.

It’s important to note that most merchants have exclusions, meaning you won’t earn Bitcoin rewards for certain purchases. We cover an example of this below with one of Lolli’s premier merchant partners, Sam’s Club, which offers up to 9% in Bitcoin rewards on qualifying purchases only.

Partner Merchants Eligible Product Categories Exclusions
Sam’s Club
  • 13.5% for new Plus or Club memberships
  • 9% on Clothing
  • 6% Gardening, Power Equipment, Tools & Seasonal Decor
  • 4.5% on Fine Jewelry
  • 2.5% on Automotive, Exercise Equipment, Kitchen Electronics, Furniture & Tires
  • 0.5% on Major Appliances, Tablets, TV & Home Theater
Membership renewals, groceries, perishables, medicine, vitamins and supplements, cleaning products, paper goods, toiletries, other consumables, pet items, store pick up orders, gift cards, laptops, desktop computers, pharmacy or optical purchases, travel purchases, services (including photo or check printing), auctions, business stationery, cell phone plans, bulk orders, and purchases made with coupons or promotional codes.

As you can see in the table above, many product categories at Sam’s Club are excluded from earning Bitcoin rewards. Lolli is still a great option if you’re looking to buy a Sam’s Club membership or make purchases from a selection of eligible product categories.

To discover more details about exclusions for a specific merchant, go to and click on “Shop Now” next to the merchant’s name.

Referrals and Special Promotions

By participating in the Lolli referral system, you can gain access to additional Bitcoin (BTC) rewards. You can also follow Lolli’s Twitter account to find the latest special promotions.

If a friend signs up for Lolli using your referral link, both of you will earn $10 in Bitcoin (BTC) after your friend’s first qualifying purchase.

Featured Merchants Rewards Rates

MerchantBitcoin RewardsReward DetailsAvailable Countries
Target3%Sports and FootwearUK, US
Macy's4.5%Shop for the latest fashions. US
Expedia5%Best deals for hotel and rental cars.US
Sam's Club9%Find everything at Sams ClubsUS

Fees / Details

Rewards Withdrawal


Minimum Withdrawal


Bitcoin Withdrawal Fee

No Fee

USD Withdrawal Fee


Lolli Alternatives

Best Fashion RewardsMacy's 4.5%Macy's 8%Nike 6%, Macy's 5%
Best Travel RewardsExpedia 6%Airbnb 1%
Best Shopping RewardsTarget 3%, Sam's Club 9%Amazon 4%Overstock 4%
Reward Program TypeOnline RebatesGift CardsGift Cards
Reward Lock Period30-90 daysImmediate DistributionImmediate Distribution
Mobile AppNoYesYes
Learn MoreReviewReviewReview

Pros and Cons


  • Beginner Friendly - Anyone who is familiar with Google Chrome can easily earn Bitcoin rewards for making purchases on Lolli’s partner merchant websites.
  • Partner Merchants - Lolli has partnerships with popular, reputable name-brand merchants across all major retail categories.
  • Rewards - Lolli offers users higher Bitcoin rewards than any other product or service in the industry.
  • Payment Method Flexibility - Users can make purchases with any payment method that is supported by the partner merchant and retain their Bitcoin eligibility.
  • Promotional Rewards - Lolli occasionally runs Bitcoin (BTC) giveaway promotions on the company’s official Twitter account.


  • Regional Availability - Lolli is currently only available to US residents.
  • Online Purchases Only - Users can’t earn Bitcoin rewards for in-store purchases.
  • Device Accessibility - Lolli is only supported on Google Chrome. There is no mobile app available for iOS or Android devices.
  • Identity Verification Requests - Some users have reported that Lolli doesn’t allow them to withdraw their Bitcoin (BTC) rewards until they provide their banking details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lolli available to United States residents?

Which browsers can I use to access Lolli and earn Bitcoin rewards?

Does Lolli have an affiliate program or referral system?

Do I have to make purchases using a specific credit or debit card to qualify for Bitcoin rewards?

How long do I have to wait before receiving my rewards?

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount for each rewards payout?

Does Lolli charge fees when I withdraw my rewards?

Terms to Know

Bitcoin Rewards

Rewards in BTC that a user earns after completing a purchase at a participating merchant’s store. The amount rewarded is typically a percentage of the total amount spent on the purchase.

Partner Merchant

A merchant who agrees to offer rewards to customers who make purchases using Lolli’s browser extension.

Reward Locking Period

The period of time between the initial purchase and the rewards payout. With Lolli, the reward locking period is determined by each merchant and usually lasts the entirety of the purchase return period (30 to 90 days).

Lolli Wallet

A Bitcoin (BTC) wallet specifically created for Lolli users to receive their Bitcoin rewards. Users can access their Lolli wallet through the Google Chrome browser extension or company website.

Stacking Sats

A Satoshi, also known as a ‘Sat,’ is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. 1 Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 BTC. Accumulating Bitcoin is commonly referred to as “Stacking Sats.”

Miner Fee

A small network transaction fee that users are required to pay each time Bitcoin (BTC) is sent from one wallet to another. When withdrawing Bitcoin (BTC) from the Lolli wallet, users are charged a miner fee.

Conclusion: Is Lolli Worth It?

Absolutely. There appears to be no considerable downsides when using Lolli to make everyday purchases. Account creation is free, there are no hidden charges involved, and the company continues to add popular merchants with great Bitcoin rewards rates on a regular basis.

The Benefits:

Smooth User Experience - Anyone can earn Bitcoin rewards by simply installing Lolli’s Google Chrome browser extension.

Very High Rewards - Lolli’s rewards are much higher than traditional rewards programs offered by credit or debit card providers. Some of Lolli’s merchant partners offer Bitcoin rewards in excess of 30% of the purchase’s total value

Mainstream Merchants - Lolli has partnered with well-known merchants in a wide range of industries. Expedia, Microsoft, Best Buy, Nike, and Sephora are just a few examples of their vast collection of partner merchants.

Promotions - Lolli frequently announces special promotions on Twitter, allowing users to earn additional Bitcoin (BTC) rewards.

The Drawbacks:

US Only - Only US residents are eligible to earn Bitcoin rewards.

No Mobile App - Lolli doesn’t have an iOS or Android mobile app.

Inconsistent Identity Verification Policy - Lolli has no standard policy for identity verification. The company only requires users that are flagged for “matching characteristics of fraudulent behavior” to submit identity documentation.

No In-Store Purchases - Lolli doesn’t offer any Bitcoin rewards for in-store purchases.

Lolli is here to stay and should continue to serve as an excellent way for less experienced crypto asset users and investors to get exposure to the Bitcoin market.

Blockfer highly recommends that eligible online shoppers consider Lolli due to its high Bitcoin rewards, beginner-friendly user experience, and growing list of name-brand partner merchants.

Company Facts

Legal Name Lolli, Inc.
Incorporated Country United States
Headquarters New York, NY
Year Founded 2018
CEO Alex Adleman
Total Employees 5-10
Regulators FTC Consumer Protection
Links Website, Twitter, Blog
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