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CoinTracker combines a crypto tax calculator and portfolio assistant into a single software program. Individuals can utilize this service to track their investments and create crypto tax reports by choosing from a variety of membership plans. CoinTracker was founded in San Francisco in late 2017 by two crypto tax professionals.

CoinTracker Cryptocurrency Tax Software - Comprehensive 2021 Review

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CoinTracker Cryptocurrency Tax Software Overview

Platform TypeAll Traders
Exchanges Supported300+
Countries SupportedUK, US, AU & CA
Currencies SupportedAll
Pricing Plans$0-$199 Annually
Payment MethodsDebit & Credit Cards
Transaction Count25 - 1,000
Tax Return AmendmentsNo
Portfolio TrackingYes
Personalized AccountingYes
Customer ServiceEmail
PromotionsFree accounts for up to 25 Transactions.

How Does CoinTracker Work?

CoinTracker requires users to upload any transaction data regarding crypto asset trading via CSV file, API key, blockchain integrations and manual entry. Once this step is completed, all crypto assets will be displayed in one place, eliminating the need to look at each of the relevant wallets or exchange accounts individually.

In addition to this portfolio overview, the CoinTracker software will also calculate any taxes that are owed on your crypto assets, resulting in the creation of accurate tax reports.

Available CoinTracker Plans

CoinTracker offers a set of membership plans for both crypto portfolio tracking and crypto tax calculation. The service has applied a 30-day money-back guarantee to each of these plans.

The available crypto tax calculation membership plans include the Free Plan, Hobbyist Plan ($59 annually), Premium Plan ($199 annually), and Unlimited Plan (priced on an individual basis). The table below outlines the offerings and benefits of each CoinTracker crypto tax calculation plan.

Free Hobbyist Premium Unlimited
Up to 25
Up to 100
Up to 1,000
Margin Trading Support
DeFi Functionality
Error Reconciliation
Live Chat Support

The Free Plan enables you to calculate taxes owed and generate a report free of charge for up to just 25 transactions, making CoinTracker an appealing choice for casual crypto asset investors. Upgrading to the Unlimited Plan is only recommended to professional crypto asset investors that have more than 1,000 transactions, or if CPA consultation is needed.

The available crypto portfolio assistance plans include the Free Plan, Enthusiast Plan ($14 monthly), Pro Plan ($99 monthly), and Custom Plan (priced on an individual basis).

The following table will showcase the difference between all of the portfolio assistance plans:

Free Enthusiast Pro Custom
Wallets Tracked
Lifetime Transactions
Up-To-Date Portfolio Overview
Forum Access
Live Chat Support
Priority Support
Tax Loss Harvesting

On the CoinTracker website, the Pro Membership is labeled as the best value on the list of crypto portfolio assistance plans. The Custom Plan is best for professional crypto asset investors and crypto asset-focused businesses that have over 100,000 lifetime transactions.

Exchanges & Wallets Supported

CoinTracker enables you to import the crypto asset transaction data from over 300 different wallets and exchanges. Unless you are using one of the more obscure exchanges, it will be easy to directly connect your exchange account to your CoinTracker account.

Uploading your crypto transaction data can be done by using API information or uploading a CSV file. You should use the API method if possible, as the CSV uploading process will need to be repeated any time you wish to view up-to-date information.


As the entire site is encrypted with SSL technology, your personal information is always secure on CoinTracker. All API keys that you enter will be stored securely, and your account password will be hashed using bcrypt to thwart any hacking attempts.

CoinTracker will never sell any personal or transaction data. Deleting your account information is done by clicking on the “Delete” hyperlink located on the CoinTracker security page.

CoinTracker & Cryptocurrency Mining

CoinTracker is capable of accounting for any crypto asset mining profits on your tax reports. Simply mark the mining transactions by going to the transactions page and select “Mark as Mining Reward” from the pull-down menu on the right-hand side of the page (see image below). From there, the software will calculate how much you will owe in taxes from those mining profits.

CoinTracker & Airdrops

As shown in the image above, you can also mark any crypto asset transactions that are uploaded into your CoinTracker account as an airdrop. Once this is done, the software will automatically include all airdrop transactions in your final tax report.

Customer Service

In order to speak with a CoinTracker customer service representative, you can either send them an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or utilize their live chat feature. The live chat feature can be accessed by clicking on the blue and white chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of their webpage, as indicated in the image below.

To get the fastest response possible, use CoinTracker's live chat feature, through which you can expect an average response time of one day. You can also check the community forum at to see if your questions or issue has already been addressed.

Margin Trading

CoinTracker enables you to account for any margin trading profits or losses on your tax forms. Their software is compatible with many exchanges that support margin trading, such as Binance, Kraken, and BitMEX. To utilize this feature, you will first need to add your margin trading exchange to CoinTracker by entering all of your API information into the form below.

After adding any exchanges that you use, all of your margin trading transactions will be listed on the "Wallets" page.

Tax Loss Harvesting

If the cost basis of your crypto asset holdings is higher than the market value of your holdings, you will want to take advantage of tax loss harvesting in order to minimize the amount of taxes owed. CoinTracker alerts you when this situation occurs by highlighting the value of your holdings in a red box, as shown below.

Once all of the losing crypto assets are sold, you can then choose to buy them back, thus keeping the same positions as before while minimizing the capital gains you are required to report on your tax forms.

The tax loss harvesting tool will make this process easier to complete, but you must purchase a Pro or Custom plan to gain access to it.

CoinTracker Cryptocurrency Tax Software Alternatives

Pricing$0-$199 Annually$65 - $1,999 Annually$0 - $49.99 Monthly
Margin TradingYesYesYes
DeFi SupportYesYesYes
Personalized AccountingYesYesYes
Tax Return AmendmentsNoUp to 10 yearsNo
Tax Loss HarvestingYesYesNo
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Terms To Know


Stands for “Decentralized Finance.”

Tax Loss Harvesting

A strategy used to minimize the taxes owed on capital gains.

Form 8949

Tax form for crypto income that can be imported into TurboTax or TaxAct.


Zero-cost basis crypto sent to users of an exchange or protocol, usually as a promotion or a reward.

Portfolio Assistant

Enables investors to track portfolio and investment performance.

Pros and Cons


  • Compatibility - Over 300 wallets and exchanges are supported by CoinTracker’s software. Easily upload your transaction data using your API information or CSV transaction files.
  • Ease of Use - After uploading your transaction history, the software will complete a tax form using that information in under 15 minutes.
  • Tax Loss Harvesting - While you must purchase a Pro or Custom membership plan to have full tax loss harvesting assistance, these plans pay for themselves within minutes by minimizing how much tax is owed in an efficient and accurate manner.
  • Customer Support - By uploading all mining transactions, crypto asset miners can easily include their mining rewards in their final crypto tax report.


  • No Tax Return Amendments - CoinTracker does not offer any service that will assist you in fixing a tax report from a previous year so that it will include your crypto asset income.
  • Slow Data Recomputing - Many users report a slow re-computing process when they have years worth of transactions loaded into their database. This software is probably better suited for those who do not have thousands of transactions to track.
  • Limited International Support - Many other crypto asset tax programs offer international support for a large number of countries, while CoinTracker currently only fully supports the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.


CoinTracker is one of the few crypto tax software programs that includes a portfolio tracking assistant, enabling users to track their crypto asset investments across every wallet in real time.

While the membership plans are reasonably priced, potential purchasers should be aware that purchasing one of the more advanced plans is necessary in order to gain access to some of the software's key features.

Blockfer recommends CoinTracker for individuals that have crypto assets spread out across many different exchanges or wallets. This software is also very useful for novice crypto asset investors, as the free membership plans are far superior to those offered by the competition.

Company Facts

Legal NameCoinTracker
Incorporated CountryUnited States
HeadquartersSan Francisco
Year Founded2017
CEOChandan Lodha
Total Employees1-10
Links Website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Crunchbase
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