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Bitrefill is a mobile app and web service that enables shoppers to earn Bitcoin (BTC) rewards through gift card purchases at partner merchant websites and physical stores. Bitrefill is available globally, but most partner merchants currently limit user eligibility to residents of the United States or the United Kingdom.

Bitrefill Bitcoin Rewards - 2020 Comprehensive Review

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Ease of Use:
8.5 of 10
8.5 of 10
Device Support:
8 of 10
Available Merchants:
8.5 of 10
Global Availability:
8 of 10
8.5 of 10

Bitrefill Bitcoin Rewards Overview

Reward Currnecy BTC
Reward Application Type Gift Cards
Top Merchants Lowe’s, Nike, Nordstrom, Red Lobster, Burger King, Chipotle, Starbucks
US Customers Yes
Reward Lock-In Immediate Distribution
Minimum Payout $25
Supported Browsers & Devices iOS, Android
Mobile App Yes
Merchants Supported 300+
Shopping Options Online, In-Store
Available Regions US, UK & Limited CA, AU, & MX
Referral System Yes
Promotions Promotional Giveaways, Referral Program

*In these regions, availability is currently limited to a select few partner merchants.

How Does Bitrefill Work?

Bitrefill enables users to earn Bitcoin (BTC) rewards by purchasing gift cards that can be used at a participating partner merchant’s website or physical store.

The rewards process works as follows:

  1. Users may access Bitrefill in two ways. Access Bitrefill via the web browser, or download the Bitrefill mobile app for iOS or Android.
  2. Create a Bitrefill account through your web browser or mobile device using your email address.
  3. Visit or navigate to the Bitrefill mobile app home screen to find a full list of participating merchants in your region.
  4. Select a merchant from the list by clicking on the corresponding merchant link.
  5. Bitrefill will then direct you to that specific merchant’s screen. On this screen, there are several gift card options you may choose from in order to begin earning rewards. For example, Lowe’s allows you to purchase a gift card worth anywhere between $5 to $1,000. You can choose between several specified amounts, or enter your own custom amount. There is an option to send someone a gift card directly by selecting the “Purchase as gift” option and inputting their email address.
  6. After you have selected an amount, there are several payment method options available for you to choose from. You may purchase gift cards with Bitcoin (BTC) via a normal on-chain transaction or via the Lightning Network. You can also choose to pay with Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), or Dash (DASH) using an external crypto asset wallet. Bitrefill allows you to link your existing Coinbase account to pay with BTC, BCH, LTC, or ETH. The available balance in your Bitrefill account may also be used to make purchases.
  7. If you select a crypto asset as your payment method, you will have 15 minutes to complete the gift card purchase at a locked-in exchange rate. If you fail to make the purchase within this time frame, your payment will be based on the latest exchange rate.
  8. After your gift card purchase is complete, Bitrefill will immediately distribute the Bitcoin (BTC) rewards to your account.

Withdrawing Rewards from Bitrefill

Bitrefill does not support Bitcoin (BTC) reward withdrawals. Accumulated rewards may only be used to purchase gift cards and mobile refills through Bitrefill.

Bitrefill Benefits & Rewards

Bitrefill’s rewards rates are uniquely determined by each partner merchant and can vary greatly.

These rates usually range anywhere from 2% to 10% per purchase, with popular merchants typically offering somewhere between 3% and 5%.

It’s important to note that most merchants have limited regional availability, meaning that you won’t earn Bitcoin (BTC) rewards for purchases made in excluded regions. For example, Starbucks does not allow US residents to earn rewards on gift card purchases made through Bitrefill.

As noted in the table below, most partner merchants allow users to choose a custom gift card amount. For example, each Lowe’s gift card can range from $5 to $1,000. Most partner merchants allow you to customize the amount down to only the dollar value; this means that you can purchase a gift card for $127.00, but may not change that number to $127.01.

You can indirectly purchase partner merchant gift cards with USD or EUR denominations through Bitrefill Balance Cards. Keep in mind that Bitrefill does not support fiat payments such as credit/debit cards or bank deposits. You will need to spend crypto assets whenever you purchase Bitrefill Balance Cards. You can then apply these card balances toward the purchase of partner merchant gift cards.

Referrals & Special Promotions

Users can earn additional Bitcoin (BTC) rewards by participating in Bitrefill’s promotional giveaways. Bitrefill's past promotions have required users to either make a gift card purchase on Bitrefill or participate in a social media campaign. You can follow Bitrefill’s Twitter account to find the latest special promotions.

Once you spend $100 on Bitrefill, you can create your own custom referral link. If a friend signs up for Bitrefill via that referral link and also spends $100, you will both earn $10 in Bitcoin (BTC).

In regards to referral rewards, Bitrefill's requirements are quite strict when compared to other Bitcoin rewards providers like Lolli. Generally, most rewards providers allow the referrer to earn rewards after their referral makes a qualifying purchase of any amount.

Top Merchants Rewards Rates

Reward ProgramBitcoin RewardsReward DetailsAvailable Countries
Lolli4.5%Shop for the latest fashions. US
Fold8%$25 - $200 Gift Cards. Get Rewards back instantly. US
Bitrefill5%$25 - $100 Gift CardsUS

*Amount Denominated in GBP

**Amount Not Customizable

Fees / Details

Rewards Withdrawal


Minimum Withdrawal


Bitcoin Withdrawal Fee

Not Supported

USD Withdrawal Fee

Not Supported

Bitrefill Alternatives

Best Fashion RewardsNike 6%, Macy's 5%Macy's 4.5%Macy's 8%
Best Travel RewardsAirbnb 1%Expedia 6%
Best Shopping RewardsOverstock 4%Target 3%, Sam's Club 9%Amazon 4%
Reward Program TypeGift CardsOnline RebatesGift Cards
Reward Lock PeriodImmediate Distribution30-90 daysImmediate Distribution
Mobile AppYesNoYes
Learn MoreReviewReviewReview

Pros and Cons


  • Online & In-store Availability - Several partner merchants allow Bitrefill users to earn rewards through both online and in-store purchases.
  • Customizable Gift Card Amounts - Users who wish to purchase a gift card have multiple options. They can select from preset gift cards with common value increments (e.g. $100, $250, etc.) or manually enter a custom amount.
  • No Rewards Lockups - Rewards are distributed to users immediately after each gift card purchase is complete.
  • Promotional Rewards - Bitrefill occasionally holds special giveaways in which users can earn additional Bitcoin (BTC) rewards.
  • Partner Merchants - Bitrefill is partnered with reputable, name-brand merchants across several major retail categories.
  • Device Accessibility - Bitrefill may be accessed through all web browsers. Users can also purchase gift cards through Bitrefill’s user-friendly mobile application, available for iOS and Android.
  • Lightning Network Support - Users have the option to quickly complete gift card purchases with fewer network fees by sending Bitcoin (BTC) payments via the Lightning Network.


  • Regional Availability - Most partner merchants restrict gift card purchase eligibility to US and UK residents.
  • No Withdrawals - Bitrefill does not allow users to withdraw their Bitcoin (BTC) rewards. They may only use BTC rewards towards future in-app gift card or mobile refill purchases.
  • Referral Incentives - The referrer and referral must each spend the equivalent of $100 through Bitrefill before they are able to earn referral rewards.
  • Bitcoin Reward Limitations - Amazon, Walmart, Target, and several other name-brand merchants that offer gift cards through Bitrefill do not currently support Bitcoin (BTC) rewards.
  • Payment Method Limitations - Currently, users are unable to directly purchase gift cards using a fiat payment method.
  • Freshman Rewards Program - CONTENT
  • KEYPHRASE - Bitrefill is a new rewards program that only began in June 2020; this means that the program may have additional issues or limitations that are currently unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitrefill available to residents of the United States?

How long do I have to wait before receiving my rewards?

Does Bitrefill offer an affiliate program or referral system?

Does Bitrefill support withdrawals for Bitcoin (BTC) rewards?

Which currencies can I use to purchase gift cards on Bitrefill?

Terms To Know

Partner Merchant

A merchant who has agreed to offer rewards to customers who purchase gift cards using Bitrefill.


A Satoshi, also known as a ‘Sat’, is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. 1 Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 BTC. With Bitrefill, accumulated Bitcoin (BTC) rewards are denominated in Satoshis.

Lightning Network

A payment solution that enables two parties to complete Bitcoin (BTC) transactions quickly with minimal fees. Bitrefill allows users to purchase gift cards using the Lightning Network.


An exchange that enables users to buy and sell crypto assets. Coinbase users can directly use their Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH) to purchase gift cards on Bitrefill.

Mobile Refill

The process of adding funds to a prepaid mobile phone account. In addition to gift card purchases, Bitrefill supports top-ups for mobile phones across 170 countries and 900+ carriers.


Bitrefill provides an exceptional user experience to those wanting to earn Bitcoin (BTC) rewards through gift card purchases. Although Bitrefill’s rewards program is a newcomer to the industry, this program is a full-fledged product that is worth checking out.

The Benefits:

  • In-store Purchases - Several partner merchants allow Bitrefill users to redeem gift cards at in-store locations.
  • Mainstream Merchants - Bitrefill has partnered with well-known merchants in a wide range of industries. Lowe’s, Nike, Nordstrom, Red Lobster, and Starbucks are just a few examples of Bitrefill's notable partners.
  • Flexible Gift Card Amounts - Users are able to select custom amounts for the vast majority of supported partner merchant gift cards.
  • Immediate Rewards Payouts - Bitrefill distributes Bitcoin (BTC) rewards to user accounts as soon as each gift card purchase has been processed.
  • Promotions - Users have the chance to earn additional Bitcoin (BTC) rewards through special promotions that are regularly announced on Bitrefill’s social media channels.
  • Mobile App Support - Bitrefill is available on both iOS and Android devices.

The Drawbacks:

  • Regional Exclusions - Most of Bitrefill’s partner merchants only allow US- or UK-based users to earn Bitcoin (BTC) rewards on gift card purchases.
  • No Withdrawal Option - Users cannot withdraw their accumulated rewards to external Bitcoin (BTC) wallets.
  • Excluded Merchants - Users can purchase a variety of gift cards and mobile refills on Bitrefill, but many of these retailers do not currently provide users with Bitcoin (BTC) rewards per purchase.
  • No External Card Support - There is no option to link an external debit/credit card to a Bitrefill account.

Blockfer highly recommends that shoppers consider Bitrefill if they wish to earn and redeem Bitcoin (BTC) rewards on a vast array of purchases. The program's customizable gift card amounts, easy accessibility across devices, competitive rewards, and an expanding list of name-brand partner merchants make Bitrefill an attractive option.

Legal & Regulation - Facts & Figures

Legal Name Airfill Prepaid AB
Incorporated Country Sweden
Headquarters Sweden
Year Founded 2014
CEO Sergej Kotliar
Total Employees 10-25
Regulators Swedish Consumer Agency
Links Website, Twitter, Blog
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